I’m currently taking a break to explore new mediums and offerings.

Below is an archive of my past work.

If you’re interested in collaborating together, please email me at hello@jacquelinebuergi.com.


Instagram Layout - custom

My most recent collaboration with my dear friend Stephanie Chiu. Together we developed a structure and layout for the Instagram of her new brand NOEMA. Using Canva I explored ways to put Stephanie’s vision for the colours, texture and energy of her brand into visual art.

I also created a set of greeting cards which will be available exclusively at her shop.

Instagram: noema.now


Are you looking to adorn your space with a custom made wall or window mural?

I’m happy to discuss your ideas for the design and the energy you’d like to cultivate in your space. And see what we can come up with together.

For private or commercial spaces.

serpent magic - custom

An intentional A5 drawing – combining sacred geometry with the symbol of the serpent – to assist your personal journey of transformation and rebirth.

Serpents hold magic of shedding, transmutation,
Of letting go and being born anew.
Over and over.
Bringing into alignment.
The wholeness of self.

The Ouroboros
– the serpent eating its own tail –
represents the infinite.
Birth, death, rebirth.
The endless cycle.

Astro Mandala - custom

An Astro Mandala is a custom made A5 drawing inspired by your unique birth chart – also called your soul‘s blueprint.

When I create these mandalas they are telling me a story. A story that includes messages and reminders for you that I will share along with your artwork.

To pull up your birth chart and get started I require your birth date, exact birth time and place of birth.


Postcards - custom

An intuitive drawing – individually made for you.

You may choose between a circular or flower design. Or allow me to create whatever comes through.

Each drawing comes with a unique message, insight or reminder – channeled for you based on the energy of the moment.

I accept payments via Paypal or Transferwise (for International customers) and Twint or Bank Transfer (for Swiss customers)