Are you looking to adorn your space with a custom made wall or window mural?

I’m happy to discuss your ideas for the design and the energy you’d like to cultivate in your space. And see what we can come up with together.

For private or commercial spaces.

Greeting cards

Veggie mandala cards –  rüebli (carrot) and rande (beetroot).

Winter collection – two mandalas and an ornament

You’re welcome to colour them in or send them as is. They were printed by an eco print shop in Switzerland on recycled paper.

4 CHF each

Order via email to

ATLAS ALCHEMY - digital piece

A blend of analog and digital pieces of media.
A journey through form and colour.
A translation of the essence of Earth.
Embracing vastness and variety of experience.
Transmitting endurance, adaptability and strength.
Exploring hues, movement and fluidity.
I offer these at a tiered scale:
36 CHF (supported) – 55 CHF (regular) – 74 CHF (supportive)
Since this is non-essential product I won’t provide guidelines for how to choose a tier. I encourage you to pay what you can and feels good.
Order via email to


Let me know if you have a colour, object, place or intention that speaks to you. You can also send me a personal photo to work with (it won’t be
recognisable as such in the final image). Alternatively I can create an image purely based on my intuition.
You will receive 1x .png-file in a format of your choice (e.g. Instagram post or story, screensaver or similar)
Product is digital and will be sent via email. Processing time is about 1 week.
By purchasing you agree to respect the Terms of Use below.
In short: This offering is for personal/non-commercial use only. You may use it on your socials with credits:
custom artwork by jacqueline bürgi /
If you’re looking to incorporate the image into your Instagram layout – I can create a series of three cohesive images (3x .png-files – surcharge applies). Or message me if you’d like to collaborate on developing a custom colour palette.
Terms of Use:
– You’re purchasing a custom image for personal/non-commercial use e.g. as a screensaver, journaling/meditation/visionboard prompt.
– You may share your custom image on your personal or business social media account. You are required to credit me as the artist:
custom artwork by jacqueline bürgi /
– You may only print a personal copy for your journal or altar. Please note that print results may vary and file isn’t optimized for printing.
– You may not use image commercially, resell or otherwise profit from it.
– You may not edit, alter, or trace the image without prior written consent.
– Due to the custom nature this product is not refundable.
– If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at


Instagram Layout - custom

My most recent collaboration with my dear friend Stephanie Chiu. Together we developed a structure and layout for the Instagram of her new brand NOEMA. Using Canva I explored ways to put Stephanie’s vision for the colours, texture and energy of her brand into visual art.

I also created a set of greeting cards which will be available exclusively at her shop.


serpent magic - custom

An intentional A5 drawing – combining sacred geometry with the symbol of the serpent – to assist your personal journey of transformation and rebirth.

Serpents hold magic of shedding, transmutation,
Of letting go and being born anew.
Over and over.
Bringing into alignment.
The wholeness of self.

The Ouroboros
– the serpent eating its own tail –
represents the infinite.
Birth, death, rebirth.
The endless cycle.

Astro Mandala - custom

An Astro Mandala is a custom made A5 drawing inspired by your unique birth chart – also called your soul‘s blueprint.

When I create these mandalas they are telling me a story. A story that includes messages and reminders for you that I will share along with your artwork.

To pull up your birth chart and get started I require your birth date, exact birth time and place of birth.


Postcards - custom

An intuitive drawing – individually made for you.

You may choose between a circular or flower design. Or allow me to create whatever comes through.

Each drawing comes with a unique message, insight or reminder – channeled for you based on the energy of the moment.

I accept payments via Paypal or Transferwise (for International customers) and Twint or Bank Transfer (for Swiss customers)