– Tram, USA

Every time I look at the Astro Mandala that Jacqueline drew for me, I see a piece of me in there.

Then, I realized that this is what I value in art.

She receives the messages and writes them as special notes along with the mandala, and I find it one of the most unique ways to look at myself from a different angle.

I appreciate her talent that allows her to see me through what she receives from the sky and bring it out to the world with some personal touch, so that we can feel the connection!

– Azusa, Japan

Wow, just wow! Jacqueline is an amazing, gifted intuitive and artist, and I’m so grateful to have met her! Without me saying anything about my current struggles, she picked up on EVERYTHING that has been on my mind lately, and has also given me unexpected insights about my personality. I now feel much more empowered and confident in my skin, and, looking at my future, everything looks so much BRIGHTER! Not to mention the image that she created for me, which was so beautiful! I I will be recommending her to all my friends! Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for this amazing piece of art and your insightful messages!

– Diana, Portugal

Jacqueline makes beautiful mandalas that are intuitively channeled to represent you, and also your astrology. The process is as meaningful as the image; she will often have messages come through or feel guided to do certain actions, which illuminate guidance for your own process, while she is creating your mandala. Very insightful and beautiful!

– Melissa, USA

Oh-my-goodness!! My mandala is gorgeous & it TOTALLY resonates with me & what’s going on with me. I’m so excited, thrilled and delighted. Thank you, lovely. I may use it in many many ways

– Cydney, USA

Receiving a postcard from Jacqueline with a personalized drawing as well as a beautiful short text on the back was such a wonderful experience. Jacqueline was free to surprise me with whatever she felt would resonate with me, since I haven’t had any wishes and she really hit the spot! I was touched by her words and I love the flower she did for me so much. It has now a special place in my apartment and it makes me smile every time I see it.
I’m very grateful for it.

– Livia, Switzerland

To see Jaquie’s card standing on my counter makes me smile, and feel at ease.
And sometimes when I need a reminder of something I know within, I turn it around, to read the words.

– Lore, Belgium

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