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A Sunday walk.

I was thinking about change.

Times, colours, seasons – changing.

On my walk I found a new perspective – in looking up. At the tree roof above me and the bright blue sky.

And everytime I looked back onto the path in front of me, I noticed a new treasure and even more beauty. A peculiar stone. Raindrops on leaves. An arrangement of mushrooms.

Changing perspectives has also been something very present in many of my recent Astro drawings. The nudge to turn them sideways or flip them around. To look at them from a new angle. Inviting different aspects to become visible.

In a world that prefers for us to be rigid and divided – a mutable, curious, creative mind is a gift and a strength.

When was the last time you looked up?

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  1. Stefan Stefan

    Dear Jacqueline
    It’s always much pleasure to read your words for instance in your e-mails.
    Your descriptions, your thoughts, your feelings, your motivation – are deeply inspiring!
    Today, I’ve read your recent e-mail and followed the link to your website and to your pins on Pinterest!
    Wow, what beautiful pictures! The pictures from your walk, but also the ones of the Mandalas and so on – just great!
    So now, I want to thank you for this all and I hope that I might have the honour of reading and seeing a lot more out of your pencil and camera!
    With all my best wishes for you,

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